Thursday, October 25, 2007

Test driving the Nikon D80 digital SLR

The following image gallery is a virtual extension of my Techno-File column in The Telegram, in which I took the Nikon D80 digital SLR camera for a test drive. Most images were taken using the camera's auto settings, but I switched to manual for a few as well, most notably the waterfall shots (the soft effect was created with a one-second exposure, with the camera braced against a fence post). I was fairly impressed by the camera's faithful colour reproduction. These images have all been saved down to about 400K; the originals are several meg's each. All photos were taken October 25 at Bowring Park, in St. John's, Newfoundland. You can click each image for a larger view. The column appears in the October 29 edition of the Telegram.


Anonymous said...

SDHC performance test using Nikon D80

gate valves said...

i love using this camera. the pictures are so vivid and every shot is so sharp! i love it.