Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Greg Locke follows human tide to Alberta

Talented and renowned photo-journalist Greg Locke is leaving the province, according to an email he sent out this morning. Locke has accepted a job offer in Alberta, and will start a personal documentary project about the people and events he encounters on his journey. Here's the text of Greg's note:

"The economy, employment and business environment in Newfoundland is so bad that it is foolish to try and carry on a business here... but you all knew that.

"With the end of offshore exploration and Hebron not proceeding many of my major clients have left town and there is simply not enough local work to make a living. So, I'll be joining them and the rest of the economic refugees from Newfoundland and heading west.

"I've been offered a job in Alberta and always being one to exploit any opportunity to the last drop I have piggybacked a personal documentary project on this adventure. One that started last year in Fort McMurray.

"The blog portion of my website will cease to be News from Newfoundland and will become an ongoing documentary carrying the stories and pictures of the expat Newfoundlanders I meet along the way as I cross Canada and travel the west with my new job.

"See you on the road.

"Greg Locke

"...somewhere along the TCH West."

You can read a more thorough farewell from Greg by clicking here.

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Candace said...

It must be very difficult, seeing your friends, colleagues and cohorts leaving for greener pastures. I really hope that Danny either cleans up his act, or the blinders are magically removed from the voters' eyes, and your province regains its footings.