Sunday, June 10, 2007

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Deepwater said...


Did you ever receive a copy of Greg Tiller's poem about the Ocean Ranger? I would be interested to get a copy of it.



Geoff Meeker said...

Yes Walter, you can read it here.

atlanticaparty said...

Hello Mr. Meeker,

Sorry this is *rather* off topic, but I can't find the email address.

My name is Jonathan Dean. I am the leader and one of the founders of the Atlantica Party; a new provincial party in Atlantic Canada. We are currently building our party Executive and were wondering if you know anyone (including yourself) who might be interested. Experience appreciated but not necessary, the only requirement is a desire for substantive change in Atlantic Canada. Our ultimate goal is to form the Provincial governments in one or more of the Atlantic Provinces. We are not a status-quo party nor are we interested in putting forth yet another ‘mainstream’ party.
To see what we are about visit
Any advice or questions would also be welcomed.
You can reach me anytime at