Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Poem foreshadowed loss of Ocean Ranger

A few posts back, in my reflections on the Ocean Ranger, I referenced a poem written by Greg Tiller of Mount Pearl. Tiller was one of the 84 men who perished on the Ocean Ranger. Before the incident, Tiller composed a poem that foreshadowed – in a most evocative way – the loss of the "unsinkable" rig and, ultimately, his own demise. I was able to locate the poem and have posted it below as a tribute to Greg, a talented young man who died away before his time.


Huge Iron Island.
37 stories high,
two city blocks square,
impervious to the attacks of an indignant sea…
Our mutton-headed people trail behind this pied-piper,
bickering over the loose change falling through the holes in his pockets.
Mother Earth created us, raised us, taught us, sheltered us
and this is how we repay her.
Beware, she shall have her revenge.

- Greg Tiller

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