Wednesday, February 14, 2007

David Cochrane to address Board of Trade

He's not a high profile politician or esteemed business leader, but David Cochrane's address to the St. John's Board of Trade (February 21 at the Capital Hotel) promises to be fascinating indeed. One of the smartest and hardest-working journalists in the province, Cochrane is the provincial affairs reporter with CBC Here & Now. He is also wickedly funny.

Cochrane is going to explore how companies and government have clashed over high profile resource development. "I will talk about the impact this has had on the business climate and the lack of a broader debate about these issues," Cochrane told me. "In my experience these incidents have led to largely one-sided discussions which are driven by the legislature and the open-line. I think this has led to a chill that has stunted public discourse, something I don't think is good for the province."

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