Saturday, February 24, 2007

Standing behind your opinion

My previous post about CBC generated some comment, though all of it anonymous. My policy is to judge anonymous comments on an individual basis, and allow them to stay if they are expressing 'fair comment' in a reasonable way. But when comments go over the top, they are likely to be deleted. In fact, I just zapped a comment because it crossed the line. It was belligerent, insulting and anonymous. If you are going to leave a mean-spirited opinion that cuts someone else but don't have the nerve to sign your name to it, you can expect that it will be deleted.

Why do people prefer to be anonymous in these situations? I expect many are afraid they will be sued. Others may have a hidden agenda and could be using this cloak of anonymity to tear down a competitor or an opposing political party. Either way, I will have no part of it here. Please people... stand behind your opinions!


Mike Kehoe said...

Hi geoff:

Unfair commentary has unfortunately become a way of life in much of the media. Particularly the call in shows. I am so sick of political hacks, flacks, bagmen (women)and ministerial wannabes espousing party line that most times I immediately tune them out.

It's admirable your intention to remove unfair commentary from your blog. Particularly those which are mean spirited hidden agenda based.

You've got to admit though that with the recent positions by the Governing Party of the day " I'll sue.....I'll sue....I'll sue, it will become even difficult to make fair comment.

As for the new CBC. Well, I seen it better and I've seen it worse. Give it time. It has always morphed into an enjoyable view for all after its embryonics. I'm just glad to have it as an alternative and as a part of a National Broadcaster.

Best wishes,

Mike Kehoe

towniebastard said...

Well, I've had to deal with an anonymous person who continually leaves abusive comments on my blog. After wanting to hunt him and down and strangle him, my wife wisely talked me down and now I just delete them without comment. She remains baffled why people would take the time out of their lives to leave cruel comments on someone's personal blog. I don't, but I've spent more time online than she has.

Also, you're going to get a lot of anonymous comments as a I suspect many reporters are going to want to comment on things you've written, but can't over concern with their job. I mean, do you really think a CBC reporter is going to agree with you about the anchors on Here & Now and sign their name to it?