Tuesday, February 20, 2007

'Living NL' is a great bit of fun

I finally caught an episode of 'Living Newfoundland and Labrador' (Living NL) tonight on CBC TV and enjoyed it fully and completely. The show has a fast pace - they squeeze a heck of a lot into 30 minutes - so if one subject doesn't really grab you, it only takes a moment and they are on to the next thing. The production values are first rate and Krysta Rudofsky has really come into her own as a host.

I have to say, it is refreshing to see so many local faces doing interesting and fun things, and, unlike the newscast that precedes it, none are there for reasons of scandal, crime or controversy. It's a harmless and entertaining half-hour of frivolous fun, and that's fine by me. Despite the glowering picture at right, I am not serious all the time!

I am a little surprised that it took CBC this long to begin repeating the program in the evenings, but I suspect there wasn't a slot open until the recent cancellation of 'Canada Now'.

You can view recent episodes of the program by visiting the Living NL web site.

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