Wednesday, February 14, 2007

'Current' sold to James Baird

News flash! The saucy alternative monthly Current has been sold to James Baird, who indicates in a press release that he plans to go weekly with the publication. Baird bought Current from Roger Bill and Greg Locke. I'll have more on this later. In the meantime, the full text of the press release appears below:

St. John's Businessman Buys Current

Current Communications Inc. wishes to announce that its monthly newspaper, Current, has been sold. The eight-year-old alternative newspaper has been purchased by James Baird.

Mr. Baird says, "The potential for a weekly, arts and entertainment paper in St. John's has existed for some time and my organization believes Current provides a solid base on which to build a newspaper that reflects and supports our dynamic culture."

Current was launched in February, 1999 by Tom Thorne, a St. John's animation artist. Following a colourful and sometimes controversial beginning, Current was joined in 2003 by graphic designer Mark Smith. Smith, who was Current's publisher for 3 years, was joined by journalist Roger Bill in 2004, and with the addition of photojournalist Greg Locke the paper established itself as a regular fixture in the St. John's media marketplace. Bill says, "It took Current several years to get into the black, but the paper is financially successful, and we wish James Baird and Current continued success."

Greg Locke, a co-owner of Current Communications with Bill, is an experienced photo journalist and the first editor of the Sunday Independent. He says, "It's always a pleasure to be part of a publication that offers the public a unique product with intelligence, humour and high production values. Current always stood out from the crowd and truly was an alternative newspaper."

The next edition of Current is scheduled for distribution March 8th.

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towniebastard said...

I have a sinking feeling about this....

Oh, and welcome to blogging, Geoff. I've missed your columns so I'm looking forward to your blogging.