Monday, February 19, 2007

CAJ 'Media' magazine is highly recommended

I assume you come to this page because, like me, you are fascinated with the workings of media. If so, I direct your attention to the web site of the Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ).

No, I am not suggesting you sign up as a member (at least, not unless you are a journalist). But the site does have some great content that is available to anyone who drops by.

There is insightful commentary on issues that affect journalism, but I draw your attention in particular to the CAJ ‘Media’ magazine, which is one of the best association newsletters I’ve seen. It’s a quarterly magazine that is professionally produced and chock full of provocative articles about journalism in Canada and the world. You can download the full library of back issues in pdf format. If you are fascinated by the craft of journalism, you will absolutely love this magazine.

Check it out here or click the link on the right.

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