Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Most frequent search subject: Father Wayne Dohey

I have a visitor counter on this page which offers information about visiting traffic. Especially useful is the “Referring URL” feature, which tells me what site visitors came from before visiting mine. If they found this blog through a search engine, I can actually click on the subject of their search and the results it generated. For quite a while, the most frequent search subject was David Cochrane’s speech on patriotic correctness. However, that has changed over the last two weeks. For a while, fully 30 percent of all hits to my site came from a search for ‘Father Wayne Dohey’, which brings them to my post of March 13 (‘We should think about the victim first’). Almost all have come from other points in North America, with only a few local inquiries. The number has dropped to about 20 percent now, but it is still the single most popular search subject.

This intrigues me. Why would so many people, in places as far flung as California, Texas and New York, have an interest in this story? Are they expatriate Newfoundlanders? Are they church leaders, lawyers or law enforcement officials? If you just landed here as a result of a Wayne Dohey search, please drop me a note (geoff_meeker[at] explaining your interest in the subject. I’d love to hear from you.

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grannysmith said...

I am from Newfoundland and Labrador. Born in Corner Brook in 1947; moved to St. John's in 1984 then to Brampton, ON where I am at present. I just read about Father Wayne Dohey on VOCM and because I hadn't heard his name before I was trying to find out a little more about him. My interest comes from being an adult survivor of child sexual abuse who starting dealing with mine when the survivors of Mount Cashel came forward during the Huges Inquiry. I have been very involved in advocacy over the years as well. Every time I see another person being charged it raises my antenna. You may e-mail me at
Thank you.
Carol Crocker [