Friday, March 16, 2007

Stay tuned... more on the way!

I am about to go 'under' for a few days while I do the final push on meeting a client deadline.

Some colleagues have already asked me how I manage to update this blog each day, while doing client work. The truth is, my blog entries are written as a first draft the night before, then edited in the morning, over a cup of tea, and posted usually by 9 am. At that point, I am free to get on with my day of client work.

I am pulling together some interesting, perhaps controversial material that will start appearing early next week. Be sure to keep checking back for updates.

In the meantime, if you are looking for some interesting browsing, check out this list of the best magazines ever, as compiled by Good Magazine (with an insightful intro by Graydon Carter)... and thanks to John Gushue for this link. In fact, if you want some enjoyable surfing, spend some time at John's site. It's fabulous.

If you like to browse local photography online, check out Kim Goodyear's blog. Her model work is fine, but I am most impressed by her travel material. (The photo above is Kim's, of course.) I also enjoy Kim's written commentary on her craft; in particular the photojournalistic approach she takes to wedding photography. Be sure to dig through the archive... there is some great stuff in here (and if you look around, you will find the Brad Gushue & Krista Tibbo wedding, which I understand is getting a lot of traffic).

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