Friday, March 30, 2007

Westcott's speech draws record traffic

Yesterday's post of the full text of Craig Westcott's speech to NOIA has drawn record traffic to this site. Thanks to Liam O'Brien, Craig Welsh, Ed Hollett, John Gushue, Mark Watton, Simon Lono and the others who linked to this site. The post also drew considerable attention from the mainland, including a link from Paul Wells of Macleans magazine. More than 1,100 unique visitors have stopped by since 3:00 pm Thursday, which is much, much more than usual. As of 7:00 am this morning, there are more than 400 unique visitors, which doubles my usual daily traffic. I hope some of you come back! I am working on a new item, in which a prominent local economist weighs in on the lost opportunities of Hebron, and offers an interesting view about the public's grasp of this issue.

Oh, and if you posted a comment below and are wondering why it was deleted, it's because anonymous entries are not permitted. Please sign your name to your comments.

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